Four or Five Step Funnels

A  four  step  funnel  has  four  different  sections  giving  the  affiliate  the  whole  amount  of  money  for  the  first  three  parts  of  the  funnel.  Then  on  the  first  part  of  the  bottom  of  the  website  there  will  be  a  excellent  upgrade.  With  the  five  step  funnel  gives  the  final  upgrade  which  can  be  what  ever  the  affiliate  wants  to  ask.  The  best  part  of  this  is  the  affiliate  keeps  all  of  the  money.

Also  the  affiliate  can  make  his  website  into  a  product  for  other  affiliates  to  market.


Funnel Systems

When a product owner creates a product the first three levels of the funnel are to be shared with the affiliate. The first page is to catch the customers name and email address. This is done by giving something away for free. The second level has a low price on it and if the customer buy’s into the second level the price for the second level is higher than the first level. The third level product is higher than the previous two levels and cost more. That is the three levels an affiliate is paid on. The two bottom parts of the funnel is not shared with the affiliate. The product owner can ask a large sum for the top of the first part of the bottom funnel. On the very last part of the funnel the product owner can ask what ever he decides. On those two bottom parts of the funnel the product owner keeps all of the money. On those two bottom parts of the funnel is where all the money is made. 


Difference Between Four & Five Step Funnels

Comparing A Four Step Website To A Five Step Webite. This Puts The Average Affiliate. To Have More Knowledge About Website Funnels At The End Of This Website.







Affiliate Share

The affiliates share is anywhere from 60% to 75% It looks like a lot. But the affiliate buy’s the traffic which he must subtract from his total earnings. This usally gives the affiliate a small amount of money. While the product owner gets the rest. In the next part of the website we will uncover why this is without the product owner not telling the affiliate.

Funnel Systems

To Show What The Affiliate Would Earn Marketing Products On A Owner’s Site. Plus How Funnel Systems Are Set Up





Funnels Affiliates

Funnels are set up by product owners on four different companies that offer computer  digital  products  for  affiliates  market. This means the owners of products do not need to buy traffic. When an affiliate picks a computer  digital  product  it  gives the  product  owner  the  right  share  with  the  affiliate  a  percentage  of  the  money  for  each  sale. But little does the affiliate know how funnels work. It is the funnel system that lets the affiliate earn a little money while the product owner pile up the money. To find out about the affiliates share follow this link.

Affiliates Share

To Show Affiliates How Product Owners Make Websites