Affiliates Choice

An  affiliate  could  have  five  websites  that  he  has  monetize.  Then  he  could  promote  all  five  keeping  all  the  money  for  himself.  If  he  wanted  he  could  turn  two  of  the  websites  into  products.  Then  he  would  be  like  a  vendor.  While  other  affiliates  marketing  them.  While  keeping  the  other  three  websites  for  himself  to  market.  This  would  be  an  unusal  and  new  term  for  vendors  and  affiliates  to  be  2VA’s

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Affiliate Share

Let’s say an affiliate starts to promote a vendors $ 100.00 product. The vendor takes 25 % and the affiliate gets 75 % If an affiliate makes three sales at $ 75.00 each he earns $ 225.00 while the vendor who makes $ 25.00 each comes to $ 75.00

Under the above it looks like the affiliate makes more than the vendor. If we take three affiliates. That make three sales each. All three affiliates make $ 225.00 and all are equal. Now comes the vendor for each $ 75.00 from each affiliate come to $ 225.00 equal to the affiliates.

Now suppose we have nine affiliates and they are all making $ 225.00 each for three sales. Then we take the vendor who is making $ 675.00 He is making more than any one of the nine affiliates.

It only is wise for the affiliate to make his own website and market it himself so he can keep all of the money. Much better than that is to turn his website into a product making himself a vendor plus have affiliates  market his website for him.

Affiliates Choice

Affiliate Choice being a Vendor at the same time remaining an Affiliate the new term for this is 2VA’s