Why do we call the affiliate. The Poor Affiliate. Maybe it is only the four percent of affiliates that make money on the net. The money that the four percent of affiliates make is a little amount compared to the product owners. The other 96% of affiliates quit as they are breaking even or are losing money. If you are interested finding out why this is buy  website  with  the  description  below.  Afterwards buy the other four parts of this website. Where you have reached now is free. To see how this works buy  the  website  below.



Website To Teach Affiliates To Build Their Own Websites And Make Money For Themselves



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    November 16, 2019 by

    For  those  who  bought  one  or  more  sections  of  this  website  I  thank  you.  On  all  sections  of  this  website  there  are  no  refunds.  All  sales  are  final.   Yours   Truly   Mark   Derrick   Boisvert   M.   D.   B.

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